I’ve made a mistake and chose the wrong meta-type / tendency / ratio of speed to endurance when I registered. How can I change the data again?

Just contact us by email (info@cogap.de) or by phone (+49 221 - 630 607 010). We will make the changes in our system for you.


What macronutrient distribution is used for the recipes?

For the recipes, we used the macronutrient distribution of phase 1 (The first 4 weeks).


Will more recipes be added to the nutrition plan in the future?

We will develop further country-specific recipes in the future and thus gradually expand the recipe pool.


What happens if the calories in my nutritional plan change because I have gained/lost weight or do less/more exercise?

In the event of weight loss or weight gain and / or changed physical activity, the plans are automatically adjusted to the new settings. All you have to do is to click on the individual meals again and select your updated meal suggestions.


How can I add groceries to the shopping list?

To add groceries to your shopping list, you simply have to tick off the foods in your food list. They will then be automatically transferred to your shopping list.


Where can I send my feedback, ideas and suggestions for improvement?

We are always happy to receive feedback from our customers so that we can keep improving. You are welcome to contact us at info@cogap.de or +49 0221 - 630 607 010.


I have other questions about MetaCheck.

For further general information about MetaCheck, see the FAQ’s on our homepage: