About us

Our Company

The Center of Genetic Analysis and Prognosis – or CoGAP® for short - is a German company with headquarters located on Lungengasse in the heart of Cologne. The company was founded in 2009 as a private corporation under civil law by Dr. Hossein Askari, attorney Robert Tubis, LL.M.oec. and physician Dr. Holger Thiele and since then has been devoted to the development of genetic analyses. In mid-2010, the CoGAP GmbH was entered in the commercial register and since 2019, CoGAP is a 100% subsidiary of R-Biopharm, Darmstadt. The globally operating company is represented in more than 120 countries and belongs to the leading manufacturers for clinical diagnostics and food & feed analysis.

Our objective is to provide you with specialized genetic analyses for health optimization; we evaluate the latest discoveries in the area of human genetics and incorporate them into a practical application. CoGAP® allows you to tailor your health care to match your specific needs, and select the optimal health care recommendations for you from the universe of available health care advice. The focus is on your individual well-being and the opportunity provided by CoGAP® for personalized health care.


Our philosophy

Thanks to the major advances in human genetics that have taken place in recent years, it has now become possible to use new technologies to examine the human genome or DNA. Such testing can provide a wide range of information about metabolism, one’s state of health and health risks and other biological processes in the human body. Until now, this information has been used primarily for specific medical purposes.

In contrast, the objective of CoGAP® is to make these scientific discoveries accessible for healthy individuals to use in their everyday lives in form of genetic analyses. True to the fundamental philosophy of CoGAP® to enable personalized health care, this allows each person to optimize their individual health care and well-being according to the individual genetic make-up.

We focus exclusively on developing such lifestyle analyses, which are scientifically grounded and ethically appropriate. An analytic test is only incorporated into the services offered by CoGAP® if the analytic results contribute to improving an individual’s general state of health and to enabling that individual to continue living a healthy life into old age.

In addition, to assure maximum data security, we only work with selected CoGAP partners who have committed themselves contractually and professionally to protecting client confidentiality. These partners will send your DNA sample to us only in anonymized form. Thus, your identity remains unknown to CoGAP® itself – and also to any third parties that may be contracted by us. Even so, we also treat the anonymized analytic results in strict confidence and release them only to our CoGAP partners. Our CoGAP partners do not have access to the raw genetic data itself.